Dive into the what, why and how of agricultural markets. Join Andrew Whitelaw, Matt Dalgleish and guests, as they breakdown the market. Expect a lighthearted, sardonic and irreverent discussion.

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2 days ago

We had a chat with Tom Bull, GM of Lambpro. In this episode we talk about the state of the industry, where it is going, and whether the future is bright or not?

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

It is just the two of us this time. We are having a chat about what is happening in the sheep industry in relation to price. Why is the price so low, and when will it turn? 
We also chat about grain prices, what is driving the domestic premium and what is happening overseas. In a tangent, we also talk about cars, so if anyone is looking for a 2019 Toyota Hilux, 100k km with full service history - let us know. 

#188 Who the f#$k is Alice?

Friday Sep 15, 2023

Friday Sep 15, 2023

We have a chat with Alice Mabin, we talk about the accident that put her into a coma and changed her life, and about moving into the position of creating images for agriculture. 
A great natural chat with some big tangents throughout. 

#187 The war on water?

Saturday Sep 09, 2023

Saturday Sep 09, 2023

Who is Murray? who is his darling? - and what is his plan for her?It was Clint Jasper's childhood dream to come on the Agwatchers podcast. We help him achieve his wish today by inviting him on to talk about the Murray Darling Basin Plan. Clint is a multi-award winning agricultural journalist with the ABC. He has finally hit the big leagues. What is the plan, why are people annoyed by it, and a whole lot more.

Monday Aug 28, 2023

We chatted with Kirsten Diprose, former ABC journalist, Ducks on the Pond podcast host, and advisor to podcast producers. 
This podcast talks about misinformation/disinformation in the agricultural space, voices in agriculture, what we are doing wrong on our podcast, and much more. 

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

We have a chat with English-born Emily Davis, who is now farming in New Zealand. Emily doesn't come from a farming background but got into the industry; we talk about what it is like being green to the industry, free trade agreements, carbon farming, and much more. This is part of our series with the Global Sheep Forum. 

Friday Aug 18, 2023

We have a chat with FX expert Dion Ciavola about the Aussie dollar, and the wider economy. Is the global economy ready for some tough times? Matt also provides an insane strategy for reducing inflation. 

#183 The agent of agents.

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

We have a chat with Chris Howie, a regular commentator in the livestock market. We talk about a range of topics from the difference between livestock prices in Australia versus other nations, the spread to retail, animal activists and a whole lot more. 

Friday Aug 04, 2023

It's not surprising - but the Chinese anti-dumping tariff on Australia barley has been removed. As of tomorrow, we will have no tariffs for barley into China.
In this very short podcast we talk about what it means for the trade and the Australian producer. 

Friday Aug 04, 2023

The Aboriginal Heritage Act has been a cause for concern for Western Australian farmers, on top of other issues. In this podcast we had a chat with Trevor Whittington the CEO of WA Farmers. 
What is the act? How does it apply to farmers? What makes something culturally important? Is the ACH impacting sentiment towards the voice? and a whole lot more. 


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